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Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Minnesota Moose Legions to host Int’l Moose Legion President at All State Celebration Oct 27-29, 2017!
To Minnesota Moose Legion Members,
We are proud to announce the assignment of current International Moose Legion President Michael Hauf as the Official Visitor for the All State Moose Legion Celebration to be hosted by ML 72 & ML 144 October 27, 28 & 29, 2017 at the Proctor, MN Lodge #1302. We send best wishes for a great turnout and a wonderful program.
Mike has an extensive Moose & Moose Legion background and is very knowledgeable about our fraternal program. I am confident he will be able to provide the members with some interesting insights and positive encouragement. Our goal is to motivate all members to help Build upon our Foundation so we can Raise The Roof in the degree of Service. By working both production of new members and Re-Activation of expired members we can accomplish that.
We extend our sincere wishes for a wonderful turnout with a great new class of Lodge members being elevated through conferral into the Moose Legion during this program! Advanced planning will assist you in Raising the Roof doing just that!
Again, best wishes for a most successful All State Celebration!

Fraternally, Robert A. Neff
Int’l Director Ritual, Moose Legion & Higher Degree
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